Important changesΒΆ

  • 2015/12/17

    Please, don’t use CodeIgniter’s develop branch anymore and preferably switch to “3.0-stable” branch instead. Recent develop branch (as of 17 December 2015) breaks local authentication. If you’re using develop branch, switching to 3.0-stable may be achieved by the following code if you installed CodeIgniter into /opt/codeigniter directory:

    cd /opt/codeigniter
    git checkout -b 3.0-stable origin/3.0-stable
    git pull
  • 2015/02/25 Since now Doctrine, Zend-ACL is loaded via autoloader.

    Steps for updates:

    • composer.json has been moved from APP_ROOT into application folder -> you need to run in that folder:

      composer install
    • edit index.php file and make sure the below line is removed if exists

    • edit application/config/config.php and add line:

      $config['composer_autoload'] = true;
    • in aplpication folder run:

      ./doctrine orm:schema-tool:update --force
      ./octrine orm:generate:proxies

      set proper ownership (apache user) for application/models/Proxies

    • finaly you can delete following folders as they will be loaded from application/vendor:

  • 2015/02/20

    The recent changes in Codeigniter Core , please make sure have changed


    $config['sess_driver'] = 'native';


    $config['sess_driver'] = 'files';