In branch 1.x-stable trying to keep backward compatibility so there are some deprecated code or columns/tables not used in current version.

Generally you can upgrade the JAGGER code by pulling new revision from GitHub.

Before that i would recommend alway make backup code and database.

Here are steps:

  1. update code from gihub

    cd /opt/rr3
    git pull
  2. check and update database schema

    cd /opt/rr3/application
    ./doctrine orm:schema-tool:update

    If there is some changes then you get something like this

    ATTENTION: This operation should not be executed in a production environment.
               Use the incremental update to detect changes during development and use
               the SQL DDL provided to manually update your database in production.
    The Schema-Tool would execute "1" queries to update the database.
    Please run the operation by passing one of the following options:
       orm:schema-tool:update --force to execute the command
       orm:schema-tool:update --dump-sql to dump the SQL statements to the screen

    That’s why you should always make backup. No you can try to force it by executing

    ./doctrine orm:schema-tool:update --force

    and then regenerate proxies

    ./doctrine orm:generate-proxies
  3. reload apache because as you use apc then some code may be still in cache

  4. Open https://yourhost/rr3/update/upgrade to call migration process if needed