Registration process

You can register two type of services: Identity Providers and Service Providers. As registration form is filled and posted the request is sent for approval. Only users with admin rights may approve the request.

Identity Provider registration form

Definition for Identity Provider

IdP Register Form Step1

The form is available on https://youhost/alias/providers/idp_registration The Step1 contains an optional text field. If you have you IdP’s metatada you can put into this field and click on “Parse metadata”. This process will populate basic information into fields on next steps.

IdP Register Form Step1 - after metadata parsed
Home Organization
The name of your organization
Federation you want to join. If you want to apply later please select “>> None <<”
This is unique ID of a provider. About the naming please follow
Domain of your Organization
Binding Type of Single-Sign-On Handler
Binding Type of Single-Sign-On Handler
IdP Signing Certificate
Certificate used for signing/encrypting SAML requests/responses This certificate is recommened to be selfsigned as some Service Providers might not work with your IdP in the future
Primary contact
Fill information about yourself

Service Provider registration form

The form is available on https://youhost/alias/providers/sp_registration

Service Provider registration form has 2 steps:

Step 1 : It’s optional. You can put metadata generated by you SP and parse it. It populates some basic information into other steps’ fields.

SP Register Form

Step 2 : General Tab.

SP Register Form

Step 2 : SAML Tab.

SP Register Form

Step 2 : Required attributes Tab.

SP Register Form

IdP/SP Approval Process

When Identity or Service Provider is registered then it will appear in queue list in the system. Only users with admin right may approve it.

See snapshot

Queue list

Details of the request


As you review the request you can reject or approve it. As soon as it’s been approved administrator may need to delegate “sufficient rights” to the requester.

Federation registration form

federation register

The form is available on https://youhost/alias/federations/federation_registration

Federation approval process